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8. FAQ

Q1: Is WcBot in beta period? When will it released?

Yes, the beta period is free to use. The release version 1.0 will be launched in January 2018, The beta period users will be free & auto upgrade to release version.

Q2: Is WcBot required WordPress and WooCommerce?

Yes. Because WcBot is a virtual shop assistance for your online store.

Q3: Who's the developer?

WcBot is developed by Simon Ho at Advanced Logic System Lab.

Q4: Does WcBot support multi-currency?

Yes, but only one currency (your selected currency in WooCommerce) will be performed in chatting & shopping cart.

Q5: Does WcBot support multi-languages?

No. But it will be supported in release 1.1

Q6: Does WcBot support coupon?

Not yet. It will be supported in release 1.2

Q7: When customer places order, will the order appears in WooCommerce?

Yes. You can manipulate your order in the same way.

Q8: Will WcBot stores my customer info?

Yes, for logging purpose only. Please see our privacy policy.

Q9: Had WcBot has built-in shopping cart? If so, what payment methods support?

Yes, it has built-in shopping cart which separate to your WooCommerce. Supported payment methods are same as you defined in WooCommerce settings->Checkout such as BACS, check, COD, PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe

Q10: How about your customer services and technical support?

It mentioned in next chapter.